what’s cooking? Kale Meatballs….YUM.

One of my family’s favorite meals is Kale Meatballs.  I use them in wraps (slice them thin and roll them up), on spaghetti squash, quick snack (grab and go alone), or as the protein part of my lazy day dinners.  I have been looking for a good sausage to use that balances value for quality and am still looking.  That is another blog post; sustainable, healthy, chemical free, local sources for the food my family eats.  




1 bunch of Kale (any variety) coarsely chopped

ton of garlic…just kidding.  I use 6-8 cloves of garlic (adjust to your preference)

1 package of spicy italian turkey sausage

1 package of ground turkey

1 egg

1-2 TBSP of dry binder (almond meal/coconut flour combo is my first choice but any will work)

depending on my sausage choice sometimes I add red pepper flakes 

if you plan on using this as filling for stuffing…you will need peppers (I think the mini ones would be especially yummy) or mushrooms.  I used mini portabellas for this batch.

Refrigerator Clean up:

after the base ingredients, I look into my fridge and find whatever veggies I need to use to clean up.  Usual suspects are: carrots, peppers, onions, turnip.



1.  Coarsely chop the Kale and put it in a food processor.  Pulse until it is finely minced.

2.  Dump garlic, leftover veggies into food processor.   Process till minced.  Last night I used the last of the bag of baby carrots and some red peppers that had escaped my children’s sight.


3.  Mix up all of the veggies in a large bowl.  If I am going to add red pepper flakes, I add it to the veggie mix as I am mixing the veggies up.

4.  After removing casings from the sausage add the ground turkey, turkey sausage, egg and ‘flour’ to the mix.


5.  Take your rings off and get to squishing…mix it really well especially if you added red pepper flakes!!

6.  Make the balls, stuff your mushrooms/peppers and put them on a sheet with tin foil.  I got 33 out of this batch.


7.  Bake at 350 until the internal temperature is 180 degrees.













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